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Crafting the perfect coffee beans for your perfect cup right from the heart of Uganda

Our Journey with 93OFE Coffee :

In the heart of Uganda, 93OFE was born from a dream to reveal Uganda's hidden treasures, notably its exquisite landscapes and precious coffee. With a mission to craft the finest coffee, 93OFE shares the soul of Uganda in every aromatic cup, showcasing the land's generosity and the spirit of its people. Savor the rich, complex flavors, and experience the undiscovered richness and vibrant beauty of Uganda with each sip.

93OFE goes beyond taste, dedicating itself to uplifting local Ugandan farming communities. With a commitment to supporting the unsung heroes behind its coffee, a portion of every sale is devoted to educating the children of these dedicated farmers. Sip by sip, 93OFE Coffee becomes a gesture of solidarity, lighting the path for a brighter future and embodying the enduring spirit of Uganda.


Brewing Dreams by crafting superior beans, enriching lives in every sip.

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