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Terms & Conditions

A Coffee-Filled Agreement :
By using our site, you're agreeing to our terms, which are like the perfect coffee recipe – necessary to ensure a delightful experience for everyone.

Use it Wisely :

Our website is like a coffee shop: a place for enjoyment, discovery, and community. Please use it responsibly. Don't stir trouble or spill anything nasty!

Content on the site :

Our website is our canvas, painted with everything coffee. It's for your personal use and enjoyment. Feel free to browse, read, and be inspired, but remember, all content is owned by us and is not for unauthorized brewing (a.k.a. use) elsewhere.

Your Account :

If you've signed up with us, you're part of the 93OFE family! Just ensure that your account details are as fresh as our coffee beans and as accurate as our espresso shots.


Termination Clause : 

Here’s the serious bit: We may terminate or suspend access to our site immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, at our sole discretion. It’s like refusing service to a rowdy customer in a café – sometimes necessary to keep the vibe right.​


Changes of Terms : 
Our Terms, like our coffee blends, might change from time to time. We’ll update you on these changes, just like we would about a new coffee on the menu. Keep an eye out!​

Contact Us : 

Got questions? Need to clarify something? Spill the beans! Reach out, and let’s chat – we’re always here to help make your 93OFE experience as smooth as a well-crafted latte.​

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