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Privacy Policy

Your info is sacred :

Just like our secret coffee recipes, your personal information is something we keep under lock and key. We treasure your trust and vow to protect your data with the vigilance of a lion guarding its cubs.​

No Selling No Trading :

We're in the business of selling coffee, not data. Rest assured, your information is not for sale – not now, not ever. It’s like a sacred coffee ritual; only those who truly need to know, know.​


Why we collect Data :

Think of it as gathering the perfect blend of beans for your brew. We collect a little bit of your info to make your experience with us smoother than a perfectly roasted coffee bean. This includes processing your orders, personalizing your coffee journey, and keeping you updated on all the latest brews and news from 93OFE.​


Cookies : The Digital Kind :

Yes, we use cookies, but not the kind you can dunk in your coffee! These digital cookies help us understand how you navigate our site, so we can make your experience as seamless as enjoying a cup of our finest blend.​


Keeping it Confidential :

Your personal data is kept in the strictest confidence, just like the whispered secrets between the sun and our coffee plants.​


You are in Control :

Remember, you're the captain of your coffee ship. You can navigate your way through your account settings to update, correct, or delete your information. We're just here to make sure your voyage with us is as delightful as possible.

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